When do registrations open?


When is the Jamboree?

4-13 January 2019

When will bookings close?

31 August 2018

A late fee of $100 will apply for applications received after 31 Aug 2018

When does staff registration open?

Expressions of interest for team leader positions can be made via the jamboree website position at any time ( from now)

Registration for both staff and youth members commences from 1 October 2017

How do we apply as helpers or day workers?

Online application via link on the website.

What are the birthdate cut off for maximum and minimum age for Scouts?

11 and under 15 on 4/1/19

Note; it may be possible for a member to be under 11 ( gone up at 10.5 years) – but they must meet all prerequisites such as: have achieved their pioneer badge, experienced 10 days sleeping under canvas (incl 3 days continuous) and be recommended by GL etc. 

My Young Person turns 18 at camp is it ok for them to attend as a participant?

Only if they are coming as an assistant activity leader (Venturer) 

How much does it cost to attend?

Australian and International Category D Scouts - $1150 plus contingent fee plus any elective activity costs

Australian Leaders and International category D, Leaders, Rovers - $685 plus contingent fee

International Scouts, Leaders and Rovers category A, B, C - $685 plus contingent fee

How do we make payments for our Jamboree fees? 

Your Contingent Leader will advise you about this. 

When do we need to pay our deposits and balances?

When advised by Branch Contingent Leaders but payments must be received from States as follows:

  • 40% by 30 April 2018
  • 35% by 31 August 2018
  • 25% by 31 October 2018 

Do we get a free tee-shirt in our camping fees?

The National Jamboree Fee, includes T Shirt, Scarf , Hat, and Badge,  

When will the closing ceremony take place?

On the evening of 13/1/19 

When will the opening ceremony take place?

On the evening of 4/1/19

Can we visit the Jamboree?

There will be Super Saturday (Visitor’s Day) on 12/1/19 for visitors.

When is visitor’s day?


Can groups choose which subcamp to be on?

Yes, troops will be allocated to a Subcamp by the Camping Directorate

Service leaders will be able to request to work in certain Sub Camps/areas

It is expected that NSW, Vic, QLD and WA will each provide a  Manager and team of about 12 to operate the 4 troop Sub Camps

I have a special diet, can that be catered for?

Special diets will be catered for.

There will be an opportunity to elect/nominate special diets in the application process. This nomination will need to be supported by medical evidence 

My child has health issues, can they still come?

Discuss this with your Contingent Leader  

The health form asks if my child can swim 50 metres, if I answer No does this mean they cannot take part in the water activities?

They will be able to take part in most water activities, but we need to know their limitations so that appropriate supervision can be arranged

We are an overseas group, how can we find out more about attending?

Email international@aj2019.com.au  

When will we find out which Subcamp we are going to be on?

At the State shake out camp in late 2018 a few months before the Jamboree

Will we be able arrive early?

Only approved service leaders ( advance parties) will be allowed to arrive early

It may be necessary or some participants travelling by air to arrive on 3rd Jan due to flight limitations on the 4th Jan

Can we use generators on site for lighting.

All power will be supplied by the Jamboree. The Jamboree will be using generators to provide some of its power. Troops can bring small solar panels