On Site

The Jamboree is a HUGE activity site, full of adventure, challenges and exciting experiences.


AJ2019 Activity Site Promos v2

Check out all of the onsite activities that Scouts will get to do!

Jamboree has a range of different activities, places to chill out, get food and drinks, swap badges, and entertainment.


AJ2019 Bang    


One of our many action packed onsite activities this site will include shooting, soccer, football, golf and heaps of other sports disciplines so everyone can try something new.

AJ2019 AA


Adventurous Activities

Rock climbing, abseiling, crate stacking, Flying foxes, haystack climb, water traps and all things adventurous and adrenalin. If that’s not enough perhaps you’ll enjoy the obstacle course, or the mountain bike trek to explore the 250 hectare Jamboree site.

 AJ2019 Wizz  


Designed to be the rest and recovery site this space will feature some giant board games, escape rooms, a movie theatre and performing Arts experiences.

AJ2019 Splat



Another adventure filled activity site featuring a large obstacle course that includes getting wet.. very wet!

When you are not on the crazy fun obstacle course you’ll be at Beach Volleyball, a massive water slide or performing some wicked tricks on BMX bikes.

AJ2019 HiTech



Appealing to the inner nerd in most 11-14 year olds, the Technology house is set to provide exciting demonstrations from the like of local universities, defence, industry and maker spaces. You can expect to see cutting edge robotics, computer programming, drone construction and flying, Virtual and Augmented reality, Radio communications and lots of other very techie type stuff.

AJ2019 Trades



The trades activity site will have a number of hands on ‘come and try’ type activities that will provide a taste for of a number of trades and each site will teach the scouts a little something that they’ll be able to apply when they get home.

 AJ2019 Mall  

The ‘Allawah’ Mall

The centrepiece of AJ2019 will be our meticulously planned and crazy fun mall, only 2 minutes’ walk from the subcamps the Allawah mall is the place to be.

Hang out in the ‘Glamping’ area, charge your phone, go to the internet cafe, checkout the merch stand, party on at the radio station\second stage, Checkout each Contingent HQ packed with fun activities and plenty of info about their state, Head on over to see the national team and learn about our new youth program. There is SOO much to do at Allawah Mall you’ll need to visit every day to see what’s changed.

AJ2019 Entertainment



The fun never ends! Each day and night, a range of entertainment including concerts, comedy, Scouts performing arts, talent shows, and more!

Each day your troop will also receive the daily Jamboree Newspaper, which will include great stories about what is happening at the Jamboree, jokes and puzzles, and the entertainment schedule.

Tune into the Jamboree Radio Station, BendFM, for 24/7 entertainment.